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Hundreds of Boeing planes could be unsafe  The Irish Times

Ryanair among operators of aircraft that US aviation authority warned could face crash threat from mobile phones.

Boeing planes vulnerable to cellphone interference: report  MarketWatch

Potentially hundreds of Boeing 737 and 777 planes worldwide are flying with unsafe systems vulnerable to passenger cellphones, Bloomberg News reported,...

The EAA AirVenture is turning 50 and Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins will be in Oshkosh to help celebrate  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Among the highlights at EAA AirVenture, which starts Monday, are appearances by Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins and D-Day invasion planes.

Tanzania to buy new Airbus, Bombardier planes for national carrier  Yahoo Finance

Tanzania's government will buy two new Airbus jets and one plane from Bombardier Inc as part of a fleet expansion plan for the national flag carrier, the ...

What's the path forward for electric planes?  Fast Company

The airline industry needs to curb its emissions, and a few bold startups are experimenting with electric engines. But the future of electric aviation requires more ...

Electric Airplanes Start to Take Off  The Wall Street Journal

With urban commuters in their sights, aviation startups and major players are exploring ways to accelerate the takeoff of electric-powered short-haul aircraft.

Plane comes within feet of spectators during landing described as 'particularly low'  Fox News

Hair-raising video of a plane making a super low landing at Skiathos Airport has revealed just how dangerous taking plane selfies can be.

Top Gun: Maverick Is Here With More Plane Action Than You Thought Possible  Jalopnik

If you're asking, wait, how the hell does Top Gun fit in anymore, that's exactly what the movie asks as well. Watch the trailer as Maverick tries to find a place for ...

Boeing seeks to reassure plane leasing firms as grounding of its 737 Max grinds on  CNBC

In a closed-door meeting at a Manhattan mansion, executives outlined changes to controversial software that was implicated in two crashes.

Planes violating airspace restrictions raise safety, operations concerns at Swan Lake Fire  Alaska Public Media News

Fire crews are working to contain the Swan Lake Fire burning on the Kenai Peninsula — both on the ground and in the air. But officials say some area pilots ...

Trump says U.S. will cancel Turkey’s purchase of F-35 planes  Washington Post

President Trump said Tuesday that the United States will cancel the purchase of more than 100 F-35 fighter jets by Turkey because of its acquisition of a Russian ...

Boeing 737 MAX cancellations extended again, planes may be grounded until 2020  NBC News

American Airlines Group Inc. said on Sunday it is extending for a fourth time cancellations of about 115 daily flights into early November due to the ongoing ...

Schoolboy, 13, breaks into airport at night and manages to steal two planes  Mirror Online

The teenager broke into two cockpits and turned on the ignition in preparation for flight in Huzhou City, eastern China.

Delta Planes Engine Fails and Turns Orange Mid-Flight

All 148 passengers onboard were safe when the plane made an emergency landing in Raleigh.

Japan's 2 imperial heirs to fly on separate planes to Bhutan  Kyodo News Plus

Japan's two imperial heirs will fly on separate planes to their vacation spot in Bhutan in August after Emperor Naruhito's enthronement in May put the crown ...

Your daily 6: 'Manholes' not allowed, improving the middle seat on planes and 'Top Gun' trailer delights fans

There's also news about why doorbell cams cause some concern and why a store clerk is jobless after questioning customers' citizenship.

Boeing again reports no new orders for 737 Max as planes stay grounded after crashes  CNBC

Boeing on Tuesday again reported no new orders for its 737 Max, as the worldwide grounding of its best-selling plane is about to enter its fifth month, dragging ...

Watch a plane land itself truly autonomously for the first time  TechCrunch

A team of German researchers has created an automatic landing system for small aircraft that lets them touch down not only without a pilot, but without any of the ...

A Delta plane’s engine failed and glowed orange mid-flight, as horrified passengers watched  The Washington Post

It is not something you would want to see looking outside an airplane window thousands of feet in the air: a piece of metal rattling around like a roulette ball in ...

Plane Crash in Sweden Kills All 9 Onboard  The New York Times

STOCKHOLM — A single-engine plane crashed on a small island in northern Sweden, killing all nine people onboard, eight of them members of a parachute ...

How to Fall Asleep on a Plane  Lifehacker

Whether you're flying for business, pleasure or obligation, chances are you wouldn't mind a little extra sleep. Traveling takes you out of your usual environment ...

This Weird Plane Could Be the Prius of the Skies  The Daily Beast

The inventor behind the experimental Celera 500L claims the aircraft could transform commercial aviation, but the secrecy surrounding the project has left ...

An Aviation Pioneer Goes All In on Electric Planes  WIRED

André Borschberg, one of two men to fly around the world in a solar-powered plane, launched a new company called H55.

Sleeping pills and planes: Embarrassing tales from 35,000 feet  CNN

Flight attendants call their pill-popping passengers "Ambien zombies," who are unaware of the embarrassing things they do. Hear tales from the sometimes ...

RAF to develop hypersonic planes which could top speeds of more than 3,000mph to dodge missiles  The Telegraph

The RAF has set out plans that could see the production of hypersonic planes flying at more than 3000mph.

War planes touring Fort Collins remind World War II veterans of their dangerous service  The Coloradoan

The Wings of Freedom tour landed at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport. The event honors veterans and allows public to ride in rare planes.

United Airlines to cancel over 8,000 flights due to grounding of Boeing 737 Max planes  USA TODAY

United is expected to cancel over 8000 flights through October after having to ground its Boeing 737 Max planes.

Airline sends $106,000 bill to woman who tried to open doors mid-flight  CNBC

A woman who allegedly caused two fighter jets to be scrambled to escort a plane she was traveling on has received an £85,000 ($106,000) bill by the airline.

The History of Private Planes Is Less High Life and More Daily Grind  The New York Times

A corporate jet is typically a vessel for work, not play — instead of cocktail shakers and Versace cushions, desks and Dictaphones are crammed into a space not ...

Phone Safety on Planes? Passengers Don't Care  PCMag

Ever been on a plane as it's about to take off, with your phone in airplane mode or even turned off, then looked over to see someone FaceTiming at full volume?

Small Plane Crashes Near Maryland Beach

Maryland authorities are investigating after a small plane crashed into the water near a beach in Ocean City, Maryland, on Tuesday, PEOPLE confirms.

Delta to carry Narcan on planes after passenger ‘carried out in body bag’ following overdose  The Independent

Delta Air Lines has announced it will begin carrying a drug used to reverse opioid overdoses on every plane after a passenger reportedly died on a flight earlier ...

Pilot arrested for flying while drunk after crashing his plane in Nevada  New York Post

Ryan Raymond Dashiell, 41, was not seriously injured when the twin-engine Cessna 550 he was flying crashed at Mesquite Municipal Airport on Wednesday.

This Neat Design Could Make a Plane’s Middle Seats Tolerable  WIRED

Molon Labe designed a middle seat for airplanes that is set lower and three inches back from the seats on either side.

Airline deletes tweet about where to sit on plane to best survive crash  Fox News

An airline reportedly deleted a Wednesday morning tweet hours later that gave statistics of where on an airplane passengers are most likely to survive a fatal ...

Paris Air Show shows off electric planes as 'third era' of aviation begins  CNN

London (CNN Business) Airlines ordered tens of billions of dollars worth of new aircraft from Airbus and Boeing at the Paris Air Show this week. But there was ...

Two planes collide at Amsterdam airport causing delays  The Guardian

EasyJet *service* to London and KLM flight to Madrid collided while reversing from gates.

It turns out planes are even worse for the climate than we thought  New Scientist News

The contrails left by aeroplanes last only hours. But they are now so widespread that their warming effect is greater than that of all the carbon dioxide emitted by ...

I was stranded on a tiny Canadian island after my plane was forced to land during 9/11 terror attacks – but I  The Sun

AMID the mayhem of the 9/11 terror attacks it quickly became clear all planes still up in the air could be a threat to thousands of lives. Fearing there could be ...

Largest hybrid electric plane set to take flight  ZDNet

The quest to decarbonize air travel is looking a lot like the quest to decarbonize cars.

Airline apologizes for tweeting about your chances of surviving a plane crash  CNET

KLM India let us know that people sitting in the back are most likely to survive, but the FAA doesn't think the data provides a "scientifically defensible answer."

Turkey bought Russian S-400 missiles designed to down NATO planes. For the US, that's a problem  CNN

Two years ago, Turkey declared it would buy Russia's S-400 missile defense system because the United States had dragged its feet in selling an American ...

Airline apologizes for tweet comparing fatality rates of different airplane seats  The Verge

Dutch airline KLM has apologized for a tweet that explained which of an airplane's seats are the safest. "We would like to sincerely apologize for a recent update ...

A Plane Passenger Who Used His Bare Feet to Scroll Through Movie Options Is Raising Concern  TIME

A plane passenger's use of his bare feet to swipe through movie options on a touchscreen has people shaking their heads at the behavior.

Plane crash takes lives of two brothers | News  East Oregonian

PENDLETON — Mary Ann Tangney smiles when she thinks of her two nephews, then feels deep sadness wash over her. It's an emotional tug-of-war that ...

The planes of the Revolutionary War  The Washington Post

“The Continental Army suffered a bitter winter at Valley Forge, found glory across the waters of the Delaware and seized victory from Cornwallis of Yorktown.

Get up-close look at rare WWII-era bomber planes in Northern Colorado  The Coloradoan

The planes will be on display as part of the Wings of Freedom tour stopping at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport Friday through Sunday.

Breakfast host John Campbell relieves stress with jet planes and f-bombs

Veteran broadcaster John Campbell has said that he deals with the pressures of his job with sugar and swearing. Speaking to comedian James Nokise on the ...

Small plane makes emergency landing in Verona field, police say

An ultralight plane piloted by a 61-year-old Madison man made an emergency landing in a Verona field Tuesday morning, according to the Dane County ...

Greek airport dubbed Europe’s St Maarten has a terrifying landing strip that plane selfie lovers can’t get eno  The Sun

HAIR-raising video of a plane making a super low landing at Skiathos Airport has revealed just how dangerous taking plane selfies can be. The new footage ...

South JetOne demands US$50m for planes  Zimbabwe Independent

BY CHIPA GONDITII. THE two Airbus A320 planes at the centre of a wrangle between Air Zimbabwe (AirZim) and an Isle of Man company, South JetOne Ltd, ...

Woman fined $106,000 and banned from airline for life after trying to open plane doors  NBC News

A British woman has been asked to pay $106,000 after she was so disruptive during a flight to Turkey that the U.K. had to scramble fighter jets to accompany her ...

Ocean City plane crash: Small plane crashes today on Maryland beach, police say  CBS News

Ocean City, Md. -- Police in Maryland say a small plane has crashed in the water just off a beach in Ocean City. Police said on its Twitter page that the small ...

Algeria charter planes to carry fans for African Cup semi-final  Al Jazeera English

Algerian authorities hope additional fans for Sunday's semi-final against Nigeria will help boost the team.

Airbus is pushing ahead in tech as it aims for single-pilot planes, says CTO  CNBC

European aerospace giant Airbus is working on technologies that will cut the number of pilots needed in the cockpit, a company executive said on Thursday.

3 killed in plane crash in Austrian Alps  Minneapolis Star Tribune

Austrian authorities say three people have been killed in a small airplane crash in the Alps near the German border.

Colorado aviation company aims to usher in new era with electric planes  The Denver Post

George Bye, an Air Force fighter pilot, engineer and entrepreneur, sees electric airplanes as a way to secure the future of the aviation industry he has devoted ...

What Is Airplane Turbulence, And Can It Cause A Plane To Crash?  IFLScience

Turbulence – the stomach-churning, panic-sparking, coffee-spiller of the skies – what exactly are you? And how scared of you should I be?

Oxford plane crash: Experts weigh in on initial report of 18-year-old's death  The Commercial Appeal

A federal investigative agency has released a preliminary report on the July 6 small plane crash that killed an 18-year-old student pilot in Oxford.

Two Qatari military training planes collide, pilots eject safely  Al Jazeera English

Pilots ejected safely after Qatari military training aircraft collide in mid-air, defence ministry says.

Man climbs on to wing of plane as it is about to take off  The Independent

A man has been filmed climbing on to the wing of a passenger plane before takeoff, reportedly causing panic among passengers. In dramatic footage taken from ...

The Potential Causes Of Odd Plane Behavior  NPR

Airplane passengers often crave certain flavors and cry more readily. It could be that air pressure and noise are to blame.

Three people are dead and four missing after a plane crash in Canada  CNN

Three people are dead and four are missing after a plane crash in a remote northern Labrador lake in Canada.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's plane breaks down, forcing her to fly commercial  Sydney Morning Herald

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been left high and dry in Australia after the air force jet which was going to fly her home broke down, leaving ...

Electric Planes, Flying Taxis, Supersonic Jets: Paris Air Show Gives Us a Peek at the Future of Flight  Fortune

The rivalry between Airbus and Boeing may have grabbed most attention at the 2019 Paris Air Show this week, but it was new technology that dominated behind ...

Video captures moments before fatal Dallas plane crash  New York Post

Recently released video shows the final moments of the doomed plane that crashed in Dallas last month, killing all 10 people on board, including two teenagers ...

Yes, it's possible to get a refund on a nonrefundable airline ticket; here's how  USA TODAY

If you have a nonrefundable airline ticket, you can still get your money back. Here's how.

Museum offers a rare glimpse at what these fighter planes look like from the inside (PHOTOS)

Owen Jack, 2, of Rochelle Park, mans the controls of the TWA Convair 880 circa 1958. His mom, Sara Jack is at left. Michael Mancuso | NJ Advance Media for ...

911 calls detail moments after 2 small planes crashed  WJXT News4JAX

Audio of 911 calls made moments after two small planes crashed over the weekend in St. Johns County were released Wednesday.

The Lockheed Constellation – The Plane That Changed The World  Simple Flying

The Lockheed Constellation was a groundbreaking aircraft in so many ways. It put the otherwise small player Lockheed on the commercial aviation map and ...

How much trouble does Airbus’s new plane pose to Boeing?  The Economist

The launch of the A321XLR damages the already weak business case for Boeing's new aircraft.

Heroes Among Us: US Army Air Corps Veteran Survived Plane Bailout, Broken Leg In Prison Camp During WWII  CBS Miami

SUNRISE (CBSMiami) – Now to a weekly segment you will only see right here on CBS4. Every Friday, in partnership with the Florida Panthers, we put the ...

Washington pilot arrested after plane crashes while landing in Nevada  Q13 News Seattle

Authorities say a Washington state man was arrested on suspicion of operating an aircraft while under the influence of alcohol after his plane crashed while ...

Investigators: Plane lost power before 2016 Colorado crash  The Denver Channel

DENVER (AP) — Federal investigators have determined an airplane lost engine power prior to a fatal crash in Colorado. The Colorado Sun reports the National ...

Three people injured when evacuating from plane in Sheremetyevo

Three people were injured when evacuating Nordwind Airlines to Sheremetyevo from the Moscow-Yerevan plane, Interfax reports with reference to the regional ...

Amazon Adds Planes to Shipping Fleet to Speed Up Prime Deliveries  Transport Topics Online is adding 15 aircraft to its shipping fleet in an effort to speed up delivery to customers' doors. The online retailer announced June 18 that it will ...

Flight 232 survivor from Schaumburg: After plane crash, 'some things aren't important anymore'  Chicago Daily Herald

For the past 30 years, Jeff Miller has been sharing a perspective on life's priorities that only seems to come naturally when "that fine line between being here and ...

Pilot suffers minor injuries after crashing plane in Marion County field  OregonLive

The pilot was the sole occupant of the small plane, police say.

Indonesian airline bans photos, videos on planes after YouTube scandal

Airline Garuda Indonesia has responded to a critical video review with a ban on in-flight photography, as a pair of YouTubers now face an $80000 fine.

Is This Rachel Chandler and President Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein's Plane?

A photograph shows a young woman named Rachel Chandler flying with President Bill Clinton to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's island in the latter's ...

The way we eat on planes is demeaning, nightmarish and ripe for disruption

Hyperbole makes for poor journalism. But I'm going to stick my neck out and say that the way we eat on planes is one morsel of unspreadable butter away from ...

FedEx Slashes Prices to Fill Its Planes  The Wall Street Journal

FedEx is offering big discounts to woo online merchants to its air network as it seeks to refashion a delivery system ill-equipped for the rise of e-commerce.

Roper Calls For New Air Force Planes Every Five Years; Recalls X Plane Days  Breaking Defense

PARIS AIR SHOW: During an unusual public appearance in the US Chalet, Will Roper called for a large expansion in the number of companies doing business ...

34 COIs conducted in last five years after plane crashes: Rajnath Singh  Economic Times

NEW DELHI: A total of 55 AN-32 planes have been upgraded out of 115 in the fleet of Indian Air Force, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh told Rajya Sabha ...

Plane makes emergency landing on Maryland beach  CNN

A small plane was seen making an emergency landing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of a beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

Billings man makes emergency landing on highway after plane engine fails  KULR-TV

A Billings man had to make an emergency landing on Highway 97 after his plane started having engine trouble.

Plane spotting, photo shoots at Thailand's controversial airport beach  CNN

Phuket's Mai Khao Beach is one of Asia's top plane spotting destinations. But authorities in Thailand say they're taking steps to expand the restricted areas ...

'Riding a horse is like flying a plane': Ben Maher on the secrets of his success  CNN International

(CNN) If there was a magical formula to succeeding in the Longines Global Champions Tour (GCT), then Ben Maher would appear to have a good idea what it is ...

Local News, Plane makes emergency landing on Highway 97  Coeur d'Alene Press

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office, Idaho State Police and the Eastside Fire Department responded to a report of a plane having engine problems that had to ...

Vietnam War-era plane en route to Maine from Montana  WMTW Portland

A-7 Corsair used in Vietnam war being transported from Montana to Lewiston.

Pilots blamed and botched rescue exposed in Chuuk plane crash  The Independent

The pilots of a Boeing 737 that crashed on the Micronesian island of Chuuk have been blamed for a crash that cost the life of one passenger. On 28 September ...

Did Trump's Fourth of July Parade Feature a Flyover by Russian Planes?

A couple of humorous incidents prompted some some social media users to ask the question.

Planes, Trains and (Big) Automobiles: How Heavy Transport Can Reduce Emissions and Save Money

The world is vastly underestimating the benefits of acting on climate change. Recent research from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate finds ...

Revealed: The world's safest, and least safe, planes to fly on  Traveller

The introduction of the 737 Max has been tarnished by tragedy, but how unsafe is it compared to other planes?

Politician Mistakes 'GTA 5' Plane Stunt for Real-life Footage, Praises 'Miraculous' Pilot  Newsweek

A politician in Pakistan has praised the pilot of an airplane that narrowly avoided hitting an oil tanker by inches as it tried to land on the runway. Unfortunately for ...

Airport emergency as plane lands with one engine  Newshub

An Air New Zealand flight between Wellington and Tauranga has landed safely after emergency services were put on stand-by following reports the flight was ...

Derry people excavate WW2 plane more than 70 years after crash  Derry Journal

A local aviation historian and pupils from Foyle College were recently part of a team which excavated a Second World War plane over 70 years after it crashed ...

Miss Montana plane to perform in major air show  NBC Montana

Preparations are underway to fly the Miss Montana plane, a restored DC-3, to Wisconsin for a major air show. The EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is billed as the ...

FLORIDA PLANE CRASH: Man injured after float plane crash in Putnam County

A man was injured Tuesday afternoon after a plane crash in the Georgetown area.

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